Microsoft Fix it to disable .LNK shortcut exploited by Stuxnet Rootkit

As we covered workaround to block .LNK  shortcut vulnerability in Windows Shell exploited by Stuxnet Rootkit which has been released by Microsoft in their security advisory 2286198,good news is Microsoft offers Fix it for workaround to enable or disable .LNK Shortcut and PIF shortcut functionality.

So you need not require to manually disabling .LNK Shortcut as Microsoft Fix it does it for you.Due to applying Microsoft Fix it or workaround you may no longer  see graphical representation of icons .

You can implement this workaround that disables .LNK Shortcut and .PIF file  functionality automatically on a Computer  running on Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/Server  R2.

For Microsoft Fix it to disable .LNK and .PIF file functionality click this link, if you want to disable workaround offered by Fix it click this link   .You need to use the first link.

You need to restart your Computer after using this workaround to take affect on your Computer.

Microsoft Security Advisory 2286198