We have covered workaround and Microsoft Fix it tool to prevent Stuxnet malware exploiting LNK Shortcut vulnerability found in Windows, this will only prevent Stuxnet from infecting your Computer where as if your Computer already infected with Stuxnet malware Trend Micro Sysclean tool will detect and automatically removes Stuxnet Trojan.

According to eweek’s article Stuxnet malware not targeting ordinary users instead it is targeting industrial companies using Siemens’s  SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) software.

“ Siemens is distributing a Trend Micro security tool created to help organizations clean machines infected with Stuxnet malware.Stuxnet targets Siemens SCADA software and has been utilizing infected USB sticks and a Microsoft Windows Vulnerability to spread”

Trend Micro Sysclean tool detects and removes Stuxnet malware from infected machines.Stuxnet malware installed in a computer scans for Siemens software and it tries to steal process or production data and send it via internet .

Trend Micro Sysclean cleans stuxnet malware

If your Computer infected with Stuxnet malware,

1.You can download Sysclean tool  distributed by Siemens aka Stuxnet cleanup tool

2.Extract all the files of Sysclean archive  to a folder .

3.Download latest signatures that from Trend Micro  and place that signature file in folder of Sysclean.

4.Close anti-virus  and other programs running and run Sysclean tool and click Scan.

Stuxnet removal tool -Trend Micro sysclean

5.Sysclean will deletes viruses if found any including Stuxnet malware.

Sysclean tool will run under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 32-bit .

Trend Micro blog post also tells that HouseCall cleanup tool also helps in removing Stuxnet malware.