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As you all know Google provides Malware and phishing protection to both Google Chrome and Firefox which is called as Safe browsing.For every URL  you type into these browsers is been send to Google servers and checked to see if they are attacking and phishing sites ,if Google finds site as malware site it warns user about it.So user navigates away from page.


Number one search engine giant Google indexes millions of pages daily.Of these indexed pages Google tests each page in virtual environment and if Google finds malware then it flags it as a malware site.

Malware and Phishing protection in Firefox

Malware is software designed to infect your computer or steal sensitive information without our knowledge.Attack site is website which infects your computer  with malware when you  visit .

Test malware and phishing protection is active and working in Firefox

By default malware and phishing protection enabled in Firefox unless you modify in preferences,

1.Test phishing protection is active in Firefox by visiting this Phishing test site created by Mozilla.

test malware protection in Firefox

2.Similarly visit malware test site to confirm Firefox blocking attacking sites also.

test phishing protection in Firefox

You could see as malware and phishing protection enabled these sites will be blocked from loading into Firefox.