System Silencer is free portable tool that allows to perform some actions when your Computer is idle like turning off monitor,muting the sound ,locking workstation, hiding desktop,desktop icons, taskbar icons to protect your privacy and restrict others from accessing your Computer when you are away.

take control of your Computer when its idle with system silencer

When you used to work with applications in your Computer listening to music for some time your need to stay away from Computer forget the fact that you have not muted the sound and also not locked your Computer .To protect your privacy to let others not to see what programs you are running and all privacy concerns can be kept away with System Silencer.

System Silencer is free tool that protects your privacy and you can configure it to perform some actions  which allows you to take control  of your PC when you need to stay away from it.

System Silencer is freeware and portable, no installation required.

Download System Silencer