Some time back we covered about QRM Plus Manager which allows to create and selectively delete system restore points , System Restore Manager is a freeware portable utility allows to manage Windows Restore points and customize its options.

Manage system restore points with System Restore Manager

System Restore Manager features

1.Allows to create restore point by clicking create button.

2. Enables a user to randomly remove Restore Points
Just select a Restore Point from the list and click the Delete Button

3. Enables a user to Restore their computer.Just select a Restore Point from the list and click the Restore Button .This will Restart your computer and launch the Restore Process .

4. Select a Drive and change the max amount of disk space System Restore can use.

5. Change the System Restore Interval.

6. Change the Restore Point Time to Live.

System Restore Manager is freeware and portable , no installation required.

Download System Restore Manager

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