Shufflr a rich Adobe AIR developed application, social video browser for desktop where videos finds you sounds interesting ,yes rather than you choose the videos to watch shufflr  recommends the videos for you to watch based on your profile and interests.


Here is the need what brought Shufflr there are millions of videos to watch can you able to decide which one to watch.  Shufflr is video browser with smart discovery engines discovers the strategy, video pitchfork.

Shufflr features

  • Personalized recommendations : Shufflr suggests videos which you may like based on your profile and viewing habits.The machine will understand your preferences as you more using it.
  • Associations :Shows related videos much like YouTube but it will include related videos from several sites including Metacafe,NYT, Comedy Central etc.
  • Social feeds:Shufflr helps to discover people with similar tastes allows you to find and follow your friends.
  • Smart Search :Shufflr shows relative videos  matches to your profile and social activity on shufflr when you perform search for videos.

Download Shufflr install it in your Computer and then you need to register and select 4 favorite categories of videos  like Sports ,Entertainment , animal life,sports and then Based on your profile Shufflr recommends the videos for you.Shufflr User can also share videos in Twitter also.

Shufflr is freeware and requires Adobe AIR to be installed in your computer.Shufflr supports all operating systems.

Download Shufflr

Note:If you have any problem in downloading and installing in Shufflr from homepage site try downloading it from mirror sites provided on its homepage.

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