We already covered about Nitro PDF Reader and its features ,yesterday Nitro PDF added Evernote integration to their Nitro PDF Reader  so that you can able send PDF files to your evernote account easily .

send PDF to evernote with one click

Evernote integration won’t appear in Nitro PDF Reader unless you installed Evernote and using it.From Nitro PDF Reader now you can able to send copy of PDF file or specific portion of page to your Evernote account.

ways to send PDF file to Evernote

To do so either you  need to right click on opened PDF file in Nitro PDF Reader and click Send PDF to Evernote or click File menu and click “Send to Evernote” button.But you can sent PDF file more quickly to your Evernote account,here is how.

Add Send to Evernote button to Quick access Toolbar in Nitro PDF Rader

1.Open any PDF file in Nitro PDF Reader .

Add Send to Evernote to quick access toolbar

2.Now click File menu,select and right click on” Send to Evernote” and click Add to quick access toolbar.That’s it Send to evernote button will be added and shown on quick access toolbar which by default appears below ribbon.

From now on you can able to send any PDF file to evernote with single click , hope you like this productive tip.

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