AutoSaver is free portable tool that saves the application you are working on automatically after interval of time specified by you.AutoSaver will press Ctrl +S after the specified interval time you set to save you work.

It doesn’t get more annoying that all the work done on a word document got lost due to sudden restart or crash of explorer, dude you forgot to press Ctrl +S to save the document.That’s where AutoSaver comes in handy where it presses Ctrl +S automatically after specified interval of time to save the application you are working on.

AutoSaver much useful for Office applications and works with all applications that support hotkey Ctrl +S.

Save the applications automatically after specified intervla of time with autosaver

Using AutoSaver

  • Download an run AutoSaver.
  • Click the floppy icon appears in the system tray
  • Choose the save Interval from the list and Hide button to Hide the tool.

AutoSaver is freeware and portable , no installation required.

Download AutoSaver