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JavaRa is a portable tool that helps to remove older versions of Java installed in your computer and also with this tool you can able to search for java updates and install latest Java release in your Computer.

Java needs to be installed in your Computer to play online games, to view 3D images and chat with people around the world and also for certain website to run Java applets.User should have latest version of java installed in his computer.

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It is recommended to have latest java version installed in your system which is compatible and works with older versions.Latest versions includes recent updates and improvements unless you need applications or applets that require older versions of java , you can safely remove java older versions form your Computer.

JavaRa-remove older versions of java

Rather than you manually uninstalling old java software you can use JavaRa portable tool which automatically removes older versions of Java with a simple click.

How to use JavaRa

Download and run JavaRa executable , close Internet Explorer before running it.Click Remove Older versions  button shown JavaRa,  JavaRa finds and removes older JREs in your computer and creates a log file with the info saved on C  drive directory.

JavaRa is freeware and portable , no installation required.

Download JavaRa