Piles for Windows is developed for Windows 7  allows to access recently modified files  in any directory easily with two clicks.Piles for Windows can be easily launched from taskbar allows to create simple list called as pile containing recently used files from any folder like documents, recently downloads user worked on lately and any other files user uses often.

Piles for Windows

How to use piles for Windows in Windows 7

After downloading and installing the program user need to pin Piles for Windows program to taskbar.By default Piles for Windows shows recently used files and folders from Windows Explorer it’s the main pile you can not delete that pile, but you can create as many piles as you want and pin to Win7 taskbar.

creating new pile

Creating a new pile :  To create a new pile just drop down the directory or folder to Piles for Windows shortcut icon on the desktop. A message will be shown new pile created.Now right click on Piles for Windows we pinned earlier to the taskbar and click “Open shortcuts folder” under Tasks.

Pin pile to taskbar

Now in Shortcuts folder right click  on pile and click Pin to Taskbar.  Now the created pile on taskbar shows That way you can create lot of  piles which allows access to recently files .Integrating with shell option makes it much more easy to create pile from explorer’s context menu.

Delete a pile  :  To delete a pile simple right click pile on the taskbar and click delete pile.

Piles for Windows features

  • User can easily access recently modified files from any directory with two clicks.
  • Piles for Windows integrated with Windows 7 feature like Taskbar.
  • User can create pile from any directory.
  • Piles for Windows integrates with Windows Explorer context menu.
  • User can change pile icon , this program supports vertical taskbar also.

Files for Windows is simple to use and freeware, .NET framework 3.5  SP1 to be installed in your Computer.

Download Piles for Windows