Amazon released Kindle Previewer which allows to  to preview the layout of kindle book so  that you can confirm that text displays properly for any orientation or font size.You can  verify how book’s content will look before you publish it in the kindle store as kindle Previewer lets you easily navigate a kindle book and quickly turn pages.

Kindle Previewer

Kindle Previewer is recommended for publishers  ,  ebook conversion companies and  individual  authors in  combination with KindleGen to produce highest quality kindle books.

Kindle Previewer features

  • WYSIWYG display of kindle  books for the latest version of kindle ,Kindle DX an d  Kindle for iPhone
  • Full book navigation
  • Portrait and  Landscape reading  modes
  • NCX,Cover and TOC  preview
  • Multiple font sizes matching devices and applications

Kindle Previewer displays  books created in the  following Amazon Kindle formats

  • .azw
  • .mobi
  • .prc

Download Kindle  Previewer 1.0 for Windows XP,Vista and 7

Download Kindle Previewer 1.0 for Mac (OS X  10.5 and OS X  10.6)