If you are using the popular VLC Media Player, you can check updates for it from it’s help menu, it is always recommended to update to the latest version because newly released versions contain lots of bugs fixed over the older one. Let us take a look how we can update VLC Media Player.

The problem with this update method is VLC Media Player doesn’t support incremental update much like we used with the Browser like Firefox.

Download VLC Player 2.1 Major Version Now

Updating VLC media player

1. Open VLC Player, select Help Menu and click “Check for Updates”

2. VLC Media Player connects to VideoLAN servers and shows if an update is available.

VLC media player update available

3. If you click ‘Yes’ to download the update, VLC asks for the path to save the downloaded file, show the path, if you have an external download manager like IDM installed, it will take over that download and saves the file to specified path.

4. Run the setup file, since you’ve already VLC installed, setup detects and asks to remove the previous version before installing the new version, click ‘Yes’

VLC media player new version setup

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5. Setup removes the older version and installs the new one. While uninstalling the older version, uninstaller shows the option to “delete cache and preferences”, don’t select that, these preferences will be retained in the newer version.

So, all your customization done for VLC player older version will not lost and they are saved in the preferences.

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