Firefox 4.0 beta 2 has been released with new feature called App Tabs and with some changes under the hood .Let’s take a look at App Tabs feature which turns mostly used websites like Gmail,Twitter,Facebook and other websites into App Tabs.

App Tabs in Firefox

The websites you daily visit like Gmail,Twitter ,Facebook ,YouTube and other sites you can turn them into App Tabs in Firefox .

Turn Websites into Apps Tabs in Firefox

Open the website you want to turn to App Tab in Firefox browser right click on the tab and click Make into App Tab.Similarly you can make any website into App Tab.

turning websites into app tabs in Firefox

Advantage of App Tabs

  • You can easily manage tabs
  • Easily locate regularly used tabs 
  • Saves the space on the tab bar

You can always turn App Tab into normal tab by right clicking on the App Tab and clicking  Make into Normal Tab.

It could have been better user can save these App Tabs permanently rather than Firefox offering to save and restore these tabs when you close Firefox.

App Tabs in Firefox(Video)