Till now Google Chrome stable channel has support for syncing bookmarks, preferences and themes across multiple computers through your Google account.Extensions sync is coming for Chrome 6 stable channel and is already available for latest developer channel of Chrome .Let us see how we can synchronize Google Chrome extensions in dev channel.

set up for syncing extensions for your Google accout in Google Chrome

Syncing extensions in Google Chrome

If you are using Latest developer build of Google Chrome

1.Open Google Chrome, click Wrench menu and click options and under the Personal Stuff , click “Set up Sync”

2.Now login to your Google account with username and password and click sign in.

3.Now you get the options to configure syncing of your Google Chrome data, by default Google Chrome shows the option to keep everything synced includes

  • Bookmarks
  • Preferences
  • Themes
  • AutoFill
  • Extensions

4.You can customize what to sync with your Google account  by selecting “Choose what to sync” and then choosing which ever you want to be synced.Click ok to complete synchronization of extensions process.

5.You need to do the same procedure from step 1 to 4 on other computers you want Chrome extensions to be synced to your Google account.