O Menu without text

As we already covered about the recently released Opera 10.60 by default Opera 10.60 comes with O menu showing Menu text which has been not liked by lot of users and wants to view O menu without text , Opera users can easily remove “Menu” text  from O Menu button , here is how.

O Menu wihtout text O Menu without text

From Opera 10.50 onwards to minimize the clutter Opera removed the  menu bar which appears across the browser on the toolbar and replaced it with red O button which appears on the left corner of the browser on top.

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If you want old  menu bar  you can get it back by clicking O menu button and click “Show menu Bar”.

To remove the “Menu “ text from Opera O Menu

1.Right click on Opera O menu button on top.

2.Click Customize >Appearance , under Toolbars tab select Images as style,  click Ok to save changes.

remove menu text from O Menu button

To  revert to default settings , right click on o menu button and click “Reset Toolbar to its Defaults”.

Thanks to Choose Opera and opera for tip.