Feedback button

This is something different Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 came bundled with Feedback add-on which allows user to submit feedback to Firefox team through Feedback button provided  in upper right corner which helps in final release of Firefox 4.0 to fix bugs.

new test pilet survey

No personal information and the  list of websites you visit will be not collected however the number of tabs you opened and other info related to how you use Firefox will be sent with your permission.User will also be notified about user studies which collect information about how user uses Firefox.

Firefox 4 Beta user background survey

User can submit feedback by clicking Feedback button and clicking “Firefox made me Happy Because “or Sad Because.If you don’t want  Firefox to track how you use Firefox and want to delete Feedback button from Firefox to get more space you can do that easily.

1.Open Firefox 4.0 Beta .

2.Press Alt + F to show menu bar and from Tools menu click Add-ons.

3.From Add-ons manager select Feedback extension and click Disable, restart Firefox browser.

disable Feedback add-on

4.Feedback button now no longer appears in your browser.