One of the features that every Chrome user awaiting and Google Chrome lacks is Print Preview feature and let me tell you Google Chrome won’t getting  this Print Preview feature in their next version of Chrome 6  either you have to wait for this feature for Chrome 7  release.But however we can  “Print preview” pages in Google Chrome, here is how.

So we are using Google Chrome browser every time we need to print pages we can‘t open that page in any other browser to print preview pages and then print from that browser.It will be not a permanent solution also.

Instead you can install IE Tab Google Chrome extension, which renders IE engine inside Chrome and all know Internet Explorer offers print preview feature.After installing IE Tab extension whenever you want to print preview page in Google Chrome just click IE  Tab icon on the toolbar which displays that page in IE Tab.

Print Preview pages in Google Chrome

Now right click on the page and click “Print Preview” to preview the page and then print. After printing close that page opened with IE Tab.

print preview of page in Google Chrome

Our purpose is to print preivew pages from Google Chrome which is served by IE Tab and more over we are using IE tab for print preview of pages and not for surfing with IE engine in Google chrome.

What do you say?