We’ve already covered how to integrate Internet Download Manager into Google Chrome, but Internet Download Manager is not a free application. Let’s look at how we can integrate free download manager with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.

Free Download Manager

Editor’s Note Dec, 16, 2017: Since this article is outdated, we’re providing links (below) related to latest version of Free Download Manager 5.1 and integrating it in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge.

How to Integrate Free Download Manager 5.1 into Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer?

How to Install Free Download Manager WebExtension in Firefox 57

Free Download Manager Chrome Extension now available on the Web Store 

The problem with built-in download managers offered by browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and others is they don’t support resume of file downloads. If a file with large size download having resume support cancelled, then we cannot resume those file downloads and then we need to download that file from the beginning.

Where as with external download managers like Free Download Manager large size file downloads can be easily downloaded by resuming the download even they were cancelled during the download.

Free Download Manager (FDM), as the name suggests free application supports resumable downloads and multiple simultaneous downloads from popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Read more features about FDM, and download the program from here.

But once you installed FDM in your system with already installed browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, it doesn’t simply picks up the downloads from these browsers. So we need to integrate FDM with these browsers.

Integrating Free Download Manager with Google Chrome

  • After installing (FDM), close any browsers that were already opened, open it,  press Ctrl+o or from Options menu in FDM, select  ‘Settings’.
  • On the left side in settings below ‘Downloads’, select ‘Monitoring’ on the right pane, select or check Google Chrome and ‘Silent Monitoring’and click ‘OK’ to save changes.

integrating Free Download Manager with Google Chrome

downloading files from Google Chrome browser using Free Download Manager

  • Now try to download any file by opening Google Chrome it will be transferred to FDM, and FDM will show the dialog window showing download file URL, download file location as shown below.

Similarly, you need to select “Apple Safari” under Monitoring in FDM settings to integrate Free Download Manager with Safari .

Integrating Free Download Manager with Firefox

FDM will pick up downloads from Firefox browser automatically if Firefox was installed after FDM, provided “Firefox” has been selected or enabled under Monitoring in FDM settings.

But it is not possible because all  users are supposed to using Firefox and other browsers since they installed operating system. So if you installed FDM after Firefox then

integrating Free Download Manager with Firefox

You need to right click on the download link and select “Copy Link Location” and make sure “Clipboard” is selected under Monitoring along with “Firefox” option. Or right click on the link and Download with Free Download Manager in Firefox.

When you open Firefox allow the Free Download Manager add-on to install.

Once you follow above procedure FDM will automatically links copied to clipboard or file will be downloaded with choosing Download with FDM.

Integrating Free Download Manager with Opera

Since latest version of Opera is 10.60, but under Monitoring in FDM settings, but FDM shows support for Opera version 6x-9x. So first select Opera 6x-9x under settings.

FDM asks can’t find any opera Plugin directory Do you want to specify it manually click Yes and now navigate to Opera directory in Program Files and shown Opera folder.

That’s it Free Download Manager integrated with Opera.

I have downloaded files using Free Download Manager from Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari by using the above procedure if you have any doubts ask me in comments.