There are lot of advantages using Google toolbar besides that user also felts unhappy with the fact that it does occupy some space in Firefox .So is there any way he can use Google toolbar but also hide Google Toolbar in Firefox, yes.

Google Toolbar in FIrefox

With Google toolbar installed for Firefox we can able to access some of Google services like Gmail,Google news and other services through buttons quickly and Google translate is very useful service offers language translation for other language pages automatically.

This is completely different from  if you uncheck Google Toolbar from View menu under Toolbar you can’t view and access Google Toolbar features and services offered by Google.

Hiding Google Toolbar in Firefox without disabling it

1.Click the Wrench menu on Google Toolbar followed by options

hide Google toolbar

2.Now click “Layouts “ now select Replace Firefox search box and hide Google Toolbar

3.Click Save button to save changes.

hidden Google Toolbar

Now you can observe Google Toolbar missing on Firefox but it will appear when you click Google icon beside search bar.

You can click “Show Google Toolbar” to make it appear below navigation bar whenever you want as also you can do  it by clicking View>Toolbars>Google Toolbar.Isn’t you gained the space on Firefox browser and also same time you are not lacking Google Toolbar.