With portable applications we can easily carry them in our flash drive stick anywhere and use them without saving any data to the computer.When we run these  portable applications they does show splash screens on startup with logos related to those programs, even the applications installed in our Computer will also shows splash screens which we can not control or disable,however if you are using portable applications from Portbaleapps.com site we can disable splash screens of portable applications very easily.

Splash screen shown by Firefox portable app

Here I will show how we can disable splash screen for latest Firefox portable 4.0 Beta 1

To use portable application in USB drive all user need to download portable of that app from portableapps website and create a new folder for that portable in USB drive.Extract  Firefox portable contents into that folder.

1.Now in the FirefoxPortableTest directory open “Source” folder located in “other” folder

2.You can find “ Firefoxportable” configuration settings file , double click to open it in Notepad

3.Find the option “DisableSplashScreen” and type “true”in place of “false”, save these settings by pressing Ctrl+S.


4.Copy this Firefoxportable configuration settings file located under “source “folder  in
“other” directory and paste it in FirefoxPortableTest directory.

portable app root directory

Now if you run Firefox portable  you won’t see splash screen on startup since we already disabled the splash screen for Firefox portable.

You can try the same method to disable splash screens for other portable applications also.