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In Firefox 3.6.4 and above versions, plugins like Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Silverlight are  loaded in a separate process called Plugin-container.exe and helps Firefox.exe main process to stay open even though any one of plug-ins crashes. It annoys users sometimes, when plug-in container.exe runs in the background and shows crashed warning dialog boxes of it, when it crashes. We can disable plugin-container.exe easily, here is how.

plugin-container_exe process in task_ manager

Note: Plug-in crash protection has been offered to make Firefox more stable and to reduce less crashes, so it is not recommended to disable plug-in container.exe process.

If plugin-container.exe annoys by showing frequent crashes of it, you can disable plug-in container.exe.

Disabling plugin-container.exe in Firefox

1.Open Firefox and type about:config and click I’ll be careful, I promise

2. Now search for ipc in Filter box.

disabling plugin-container

3. Double click on each of five entries one by one to set their values to ‘false’ as shown above.


4. Restart Firefox browser. That’s it! Plugin–container is completely disabled for Firefox browser.