Having Opera 10.60 released with more new features and enhanced security with built-in AVG real-time web threat data feed, Opera 10.60 also comes enabled with Geolocation feature which allows Google maps or other websites to determine your location if you allowed to share your location.If you concerned about your privacy you can safely disable Geolocation in Opera.

opera geolocation

Though Opera states that user has full control over using Geolocation feature when used , everyone has  their privacy concerns.

How geolocation feature works

When you visit certain websites or Google maps with in geolocation enabled browsers , websites asks to share your location, if you permit then browser your will send  following information about you to Google location services.

  • your computer IP address
  • Information about near by Wireless access points
  • A random client identifier assigned by Google which will expire in every  2 weeks.

The above info will help to estimate your location and Google sends information back to browser which browser shares with that website. Firefox and Chrome browsers  already support Geolocation feature.


Disabling Geolocation in Opera

1.Type about:config in Opera and press Enter.

2.Preferences Editor of Opera will be opened , now opposite to “Quick  find” check  or select  “Show all” to expand all options.

disable Geolocation in opera

3.Now scroll down to Geolocation uncheck or remove tick mark  opposite to Enable geolocation and click  Save button.