Samsung _Hard drive_

I  already covered how to check warranty status of Seagate hard drive online with which, you can able to find your Seagate  hard drive warranty status till date from when you purchased your computer.Want to know your Samsung hard drive warranty status? Read below.

Hard drives coming these days not much reliable, though we choose and purchase hard drives from famous brand names like Seagate, Samsung and other hard drive manufacturers. Free tools like Acronis Drive Monitor and Crystal Disk Info does tell your hard drive health condition and warns you when critical disk related error occurs.

Generally now, Seagate and Samsung offer fiver year warranty to their hard rives from the date of manufacture, unless your hard drive burnt you will get replacement for your hdd if it fails with in the warranty period.

Samsung  Hard drive warranty check

Here is how to check warranty status of Samsung hard drive online

1.Visit Samsung hard drive worldwide warranty checker page except for Countries for India, Russia, Brazil and Thailand and follow instructions shows on the  screen.

2.Indian, Brazil , Russia and Thailand citizens can check their countries Samsung websites  and enter Defective Samsung Hard drive serial number and choose Model number, and Click Submit .

3. Here is the link for Samsung Hard drive warranty status check page online in India .Brazil, Russian  and Thailand Citizen can Google for Samsung hard drive warranty check .

Update 27/05/2013: Above no links no longer work since Samsung hard drive business taken over by Seagate. Looks as if  Seagate is also offering warranty information for Samsung hard drives, now you may have to to visit Seagate  Warranty validation page and enter details about Samsung HDD.

You can know more on Samsung -Seagate Warranty Faqs page.