Google Chrome extensions

It’s always good to backup Google Chrome extensions to use them on another Computer or for our needs in future without installing them one by one with restoring them easily with one click with the help of any extensions or applications made for Chrome. But unfortunately there are not any extensions or many tools available to backup and restore Chrome extensions.

There are tools like FEBE and Mozbackup for Firefox, which allows to backup and restore Firefox extensions. I have found apps like Google Chrome Backup and Favbackup.

How to backup and restore Firefox extensions

Though, we can’t specially backup and restore Google Chrome extensions only, but Google Chrome backup, backup and restores total Google browser Profile.

Backup and restore Google Chrome Extensions

To backup Chrome extensions, download and install GCB in your Computer, run it and follow the instructions on the screen. You need to specify path to save the file.

backup and restore Chrome extensions with Google Chrome backup

To restore Chrome extensions, run GCB and follow instructions on the screen, you need to specify the default profile to be restored and path of Google Chrome profile to be saved.

I tested Google Chrome Backup and Favbackup, former worked like a charm, but latter wasn’t.

Download Google Chrome Backup

Do you know any Chrome extension or application that allows to backup & restores chrome extensions? Let me know in the comments.