SilentEye -free steganography spftware

There are many  free and commercial Steganogrphy software available on Internet allows to send messages by hiding so that only sender and receiver can find them.SilentEye is free steganography application which allows to hide text in pictures .


You can send secret message by inserting into a picture with Silent Eye, other person using SilentEye can know the message by decoding it.

How to use SilentEye

Just drag and drop the picture into SilentEye program Window, click “Encode” button and select Destination directory where picture with hidden text message to be saved.Type the message to hide and click “Encode”.Picture with text message will saved to the directory you specified.

SilentEye-hiding text in an image

enter secret message to encode

Receiver decodes the message by opening  your sent photo in SilentEye and clicks “Decode “button twice to find your send message.

decoded message

SilentEye with simple user interface easy to use.SilentEye is freeware and works in all Windows Operating Systems.

Download SilentEye

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