We are always curious to know about what extensions makers of Google Chrome use it, here it is Google Chrome team revealed their favorite extensions , how many of them are you using.

Chrome team’s favorite extensions

  •  Opinion Cloud: Summarizes comments on YouTube videos and Flickr photos to provide an overview of the crowd’s overall opinion.
  •  Google Voice: All sorts of helpful Voice features directly from the browser. See how many messages you have, initiate calls and texts, or call numbers on a site by clicking on them.
  •  AutoPager: Automatically loads the next page of a site. You can just scroll down instead of having to click to the next page.
  •  Turn Off the Lights: Fades the page to improve the video-watching experience.
  •  Google Dictionary: Double-click any word to see its definition, or click on the icon in the address bar to look up any word.
  •  After the Deadline: Checks spelling, style, and grammar on your emails, blog, tweets, etc.
  •  Invisible Hand: Does a quick price check and lets you know if the product you are looking at is available at a lower price elsewhere.
  •  Secbrowsing: Checks that your plug-ins (e.g. Java, Flash) are up to date
  •  Tineye: Image search utility to find exact matches (including cropped, edited, or re-sized images).
  •  Slideshow: Turns photo sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, and Google Images into slideshows.
  •  Google Docs/PDF Viewer: Automatically previews pdfs, powerpoint presentations, and other documents in Google Docs Viewer.
  •  Readability: Reformat the page into a single column of text.
  •  Chromed Bird: A nice Twitter viewing extension.
  •  Feedsquares: Cool way of viewing your feeds via Google Reader.
  • ScribeFire: Full-featured blog editor that lets you easily post to any of your blogs.
  •  Note Anywhere: Digital post-it notes that can be pasted and saved on any webpage.
  •  Instant Messaging Notifier: IM on multiple clients.
  •  Remember the Milk: The popular to-do app.
  •  Extension.fm: Turns the web into a music library.”(via)

Let me know in comments how many of the chrome team’s favorite extensions you are using and share other useful ones also.