Casually you opened Chrome browser and visited Google homepage, entered a search query and hit the Search button, nothing happens, hit on the same button again and again or pressed Enter couple or three times, nothing happens. What you do?, What’s wrong? Google Search? or Google Chrome?. Let’s see how we can fix this below.

Google search fails in Google Chrome


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Google Search seems to work fine irrespective of what browser you are using except for Chrome, which to blame? Bug seems to be definitely in Google Chrome. This happens irrespective of what Chrome version you are using, whether it may be developer, Beta or Stable, it is unfair to say user has used Chrome Dev channel, that’s why Google Search not worked.

Fix to Google Search not works in Google Chrome

1.Press Ctrl+Shift+Del and select Everything ‘the beginning of time’ and click ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

clearing browsing data makes Google Search to funtion normally in Google Chrome

2. Now restart Google Chrome browser, perform search in Google, it will work and shows search results in browser without any issues..

P.S: I faced this problem in latest  version of Chrome (dev) channel and problem fixed by clearing browsing data in Google Chrome :)