Google is everywhere Google collects information when you use their services such as Google Search, Gmail in fact for all their products someone taunts Google as god someone says it as devil Google knows everything about you. Google Alarm for Firefox and Chrome add-on visually and audibly alerts when Google start sending your information to their server when you visit their sites while you surf.

Google alarm rings when Google monitors your web browsing

Despite Google offers what data they know from all your Google accounts through Google Dashboard and recently they also released Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on which allows to to opt put from data being sent to Google Analytics by installing that add-on for browsers.


If you are one of those users wants to get notified when Google starts sending your info to their servers you can install Google Alarm add-on available for Firefox and Chrome  browsers.Google alarm shows notifications,plays sound effects and keeps running stats about percent of websites you have visit with Google bugs present.

Developer of the Google Add-on Jamie Wilkinson states that while he developing Google Alarm he was blown away to discover 80% of websites he visited have Google tracking bugs.

How Google Alarm works

Google Alarm inspects each page you visit for Google related URLs for Google Analytics, URL for AdSense, for YouTube embeds and many more.

The developer of Google Alarm also made no sound version available to use at work places.

Install  Google Alarm Firefox add-on    (no sound version)

Install Google Alarm Chrome extension(beta)   (no sound version)

You better try Google alarm with no sound version because you will get alarms for almost every website you visit these days ;).Get ready for alarms , actually this visual and audible alerts may annoy you than Google tracking your data.Since internet filled with Google .A comment asked on Google Alarms homepage ok how to block these bugs .You can’t block Google , if you block Google whole internet access will be blocked kinda like that. (via)

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