In  every CD/DVD Writer, firmware containing EPROM Chip will be inserted into DVD Drives .To update DVD Writer firmware we must know its firmware version.So let’s take a look at how we can find firmware version of DVD Writer with Nero Info  tool.

DVD Writer firmware version

For every DVD Writer connected the Computer we can download its latest firmware update  from manufacturer’s Website.For that we should know the DVD Writer firmware version.With the help of Nero Info tool we can find that very easily.

1.Download and extract contents of Nero Info Tool archive to a folder

2.Run Nero Info Tool , this too will retrieve all the information about CD/DV Writer connected to your Computer including firmware version .

3..You can save the report generated by Nero Info tool  in a text file for future reference.

Download Nero Info Tool

Note:Nero Info Tool restarted my Windows 7 system while retrieving information from my DVD Writer though it worked fine and shown details about DVD drive without any problems in Windows XP.