Users are always not geeky enough to find ways to extract multiple archives quickly , at  that time their purpose is to extract all multiple archives which they do is by extracting files from each archive. Go productive with  ExtractNow free application allows to extract multiple archives quickly with single click.


These days people download lot of archives from files sharing sites and from various websites, these archives are with  files and folders being compressed and uploaded to their servers as archives to reduce file size and download time also.    

Though ExtractNow is not complete archive solution it helps users to extract multiple archives quickly and that too very easily.

 multiple archives extracted

Using ExtractNow: Just Drag and drop archives onto ExtractNow window,  and click “Extract” button  all files and folders in archives will be  extracted to the current directory from where you added multiple archive files.


Users can also configure destination directory where files can be extracted through  Settings>Destination from ExtractNow window.

ExtractNow features

  • Supports major archive formats.
  • Drag and drop  files or folders from Windows Explorer to extract them.
  • Recursively search through files and folders (drag and  drop them)
  • Delete files or close program after extraction options.
  • Extract files into current directory , named folder or desired folder of your choice.
  • Integrates with Windows Explorer via special  context menus.

ExtractNow  with simple user interface and design easy to use, works with all  Windows Operating Systems.

ExtractNow is freeware.

Download ExtractNow