Recently released Opera 10.60 came up thumbnail previews for Windows 7 taskbar disabled by default,  displaying thumbnail previews for applications on taskbar is being one of the popular features offered in Windows 7 ,why do you want thumbnail previews to be disabled you can  enable them easily in Opera.

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We can enable Opera thumbnail previews on Windows 7  taskbar in 2  ways.

1. Open Opera 10.60

  • From Tools menu click Preferences click Advanced tab
  • Select Tabs tab on the left , click “Additional Tab options “ button
  • check or select Use Windows 7 taskbar thumbnails click Ok two times to save changes.

enable windows 7 taskbar thumbnails

2.Another way we can enable them is through Preferences editor by typing “about:config” in Opera‘s address box and press enter.

  • Now Scroll down until you find User Prefs , click User Prefs to expand options
  • again scroll down until you see Use Windows 7 taskbar Thumbnails under User Prefs, select or tick mark the check box and click “Save” button to enable Opera thumbnails previews in Windows 7 taskbar.

use windows 7 taskbar thumbnails

You  can use first method being lot simple.You  can disable thumbnail previews for Windows 7 taskbar easily by following above method if you want.