We have covered about Microsoft Workaround,Fix it tool, Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit  Protection tool to block Stuxnet rootkit from exploiting LNK Shortcut vulnerability in all versions of Windows Microsoft yet to release patch for this, Greatis software has released free Stuxnet removal tool named  Stuxnet Remover.

Stuxnet Remover - stuxnet removal tool

Stuxnet Remover will able to detect and remove active infection.It can find the Rootkit drivers and other files made by Stuxnet Rootkit.

Stuxnet rootkit detection

How to use Stuxnet Remover

Download and install Stuxnet Remover click  “Check Me Now”  button, first the tool will check for active infection of Stuxnet Rootkit  in your Computer , if Stuxnet Remover detects  and shown rootkit files delete them by clicking “Remove Selected” button.Restart your Computer.

After restart insert your USB Drive or flash disks, run Stuxnet Remover program again and click “Check Me Now  “ further proceed to “Check Me Now button” to let the tool find and show rootkit files if any detected in USB drive, remove them and unplug your USB drive.

Stuxnet Remover is freeware, supports Windows XP/2003/Vista/7  32-bit.

Download Stuxnet Remover

Stuxnet Remover homepage.