Sophos Windows Shortcut exploit protection tool

We have covered about work around to block Stuxnet Rootkit exploiting LNK shortcut vulnerability and about Microsoft fix it tool and also about Trend Micro Sysclean to detect and remove Stuxnet malware, Sophos has released free Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit protection Tool which detects and blocks Windows Shortcut Exploit from running and this tool works with your existing anti-virus without any problems.

Microsoft still yet to patch the shortcut vulnerability hackers are beginning to take advantage of this exploit.Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit protection tool detects Windows shortcut Exploit and blocks it from running.

According Sophos blog post

Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit protection tool intercepts LNK Shortcut files that contains exploit tells you which executable code it is trying to run.i.e this tool stops malicious threats running from non local disk such as USB Drives by using this vulnerability.

Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit protection tool works along side with your anti-virus product and more over this tool doesn’t block all shortcuts as Microsoft workaround does.This tool works in Windows XP/Vista/7.

How to use Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection tool

1.Before downloading this tool make sure your Computer is free of malware by scanning with your anti-virus .

2.After scan of your Computer  download and install this tool in your Computer.

3.Sophos Windows Shortcut protection tool will notify if you browse any exploited link and this tool blocks it from running.

You can read about Windows shortcut vulnerability and how this tools works here.

Download Sophos Windows shortcut Exploit protection tool