Apple today released Safari 5.0.1 with extensions support and launched Safari Extensions gallery over hundred extensions to let users to to try extensions in Safari . Safari 5 launched in June already has extensions support but then extensions disabled since Safari Extensions gallery hasn’t available then.You can download,install safari 5.0.1 and try installing few extensions from safari extensions gallery.

Safari extensions gallery in Safari 5.0.1

Since we already covered about Safari 5 there is nothing new in Safari 5.0.1 except the launch of Safari Extensions Gallery and Safari 5.0.1 comes enabled with Safari Extensions gallery .

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Meanwhile download, install Safari 5.0.1 and visit Safari Extensions Gallery you can also reach extensions gallery page by clicking “Safari Extensions Gallery” button from  Safari’s drop down settings menu.

Safari Extensions Gallery features over hundred of extensions to try from various categories like News, Social Networking , Entertainment , Security, Photos , Search Tools,  productivity, etc.

Download Safari 5.0.1