Security Software Downloader  is small download manager specially designed to download security software.Security Downloader shows list of free and paid security software which includes popular security products, user need to select security software and click Download button to let SSDownloader to download latest version of security products in his computer.

Security software downloader -SSDownloader

Along with Anti-viruses ,anti-spyware, anti-malware applications and Firewalls, SSDownloader also downloads other popular security tools known as CCleaner , AutoRuns,Process Explorer , Unlocker and other useful tools.

Security Software Downloader features

  • Downloads most popular free and paid security software with one click.
  • There will be no worry for users to know whether they are using 32-bit /54-bit choose application download , SSDownloader automatically downloads right version for your computer.
  • Downloads newest versions of the software.

Security Software Downloader is freeware and portable ,no installation required.SSDownloader supports Windows XP/Vista /7.

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