Microsoft has released Word 2010 :Interactive Menu to ribbon Guide, which allows users to easily find buttons and commands in the new word 2010 user interface using much known old menus and toolbars in Microsoft Word 2003. This Microsoft word 2010 interactive guide is available as a free download from the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Word 2010 interactive menu to ribbon guide

Word 2010: Interactive menu to ribbon guide is a visual, interactive reference guide to help you to find the  new location of commands in Word 2010.This guide is simulation of the old menu version of Word. You can click a command in the guide to learn its new location in word 2010.

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Microsoft Word 2010 interactive guide

You can download and install this Word 2010 interactive guide from Microsoft Website.This interactive guide supports Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008 and Windows 7. This download requires Silverlight 3 or higher installed on your Computer.

Download Word 2010: interactive menu to ribbon guide