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We have recently covered some free eBooks from Microsoft Press which also includes First Look Office 2010 eBook, Microsoft released and made available some more resources for Office 2010 users as Product guides and getting started eBook for free download.

Geting started with Office 2010

If you are using Office 2010 trial version read when office 2010 trail will expire and how to extend its use for 180 days.

Office 2010 Product Guides will help you know everything about and overview of Office 2010 and how it can be productive, each guide provides at-a–glance overview a closer look at many new and improved features,  you’ll also find additional information and resources in some of the guides for power users.

Download  Microsoft Office 2010 Product guides from here.

Getting Started With Microsoft  Office 2010 eBook very helpful and this is where you  need to start if you are newbie to Office 2o1o you can explore overview of Microsoft Office 2010 suites and information about how get started with office 2010.

Download Getting Started with Office 2010 eBook