Emsisoft software released Free Emergency Kit which contains lot of security utilities and tools that helps to remove threats from infected system.Emsisoft Emergency Kit is also portable makes it that much easy to scan infected PCs from USB drives.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Emsisoft Emergency kit contains Emergency Kit Scanner , Commandline Scanner ,HijackFree and BlitzBlank.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner with  graphical interface which searches  infected PC for viruses ,spywares ,Trojans ,worms,adware,keyloggers , dialers and for other malware programs.If threats found they can be moved to quarantine and then will be deleted from there.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner User Interface

Emsisoft HijackFree will help advanced users to detect and remove malware manually.

BlitzBank is for  advanced users to whom to deal with malware on daily basis .BlitzBank deletes files ,registry entries and drivers at boot time before windows and all other programs are loaded.

Emsisoft Commandline scanner is same as of Emergency Kit scanner with no graphical user interface intended for advanced and professionals for batch jobs.

So for normal PC users Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner is sufficient.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scan results

How to use Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit to your USB drive and connect to infected PC .Run  Start application to get Emsisoft Emergency Kit user interface which contains scanners and tools mentioned above.Run Emsisoft Emergency Kit scanner.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is still in Beta.

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit (103 MB)