Users do tend to go for Open DNS, Google Public DNS and other free DNS services because they offer more speed and security than ISP who provided you the Internet connection, but changing DNS servers’ IP addresses is not easy for novice users, DNS Jumper will help you in changing DNS settings.

change DNS Settings easily with DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper is a free and portable tool aids users in changing DNS servers. This tool shows list of free  DNS services includes Open DNS,Google DNS ,Ultra DNS.

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Using DNS Jumper

1. All user need to do is “select the Network Card” and “choose a free DNS Service”, and click “Apply DNS” button.

2.When a user runs this tool for the first time, it will automatically back up your DNS settings, so you can revert back to your previous DNS settings by selecting  “Restore” and clicking ‘apply’  button.

DNS supports IPv6, and works on all windows operating systems including latest Windows 8/8.1.

Download DNS Jumper