As we install and uninstall programs, empty folders and shortcuts related to those programs will remain on start menu even though we’ve uninstalled them, with these empty folders and unneeded shortcuts your start menu gets cluttered. Meet Start Menu Cleaner, a free portable tool cleans all these empty folders and broken shortcuts in your Windows 7 start menu easily.

Windows 7 start menu cleaner

Actually, I have been looking for this kind of tool since so many days, Start Menu Cleaner will scan all the folder and shortcuts on the start menu and on the desktop too, and asks you for confirmation to delete the empty folder or shortcut if it founds.

remove empty folders on Windows 7 start menu

It is recommended for you to select “Delete to Recycle Bin” before hitting the ‘Start’ button, then you will have a chance to view all the empty folders and broken shortcuts and then permanently delete them from there.

Start Menu Cleaner requires MSVBVM50.DLL, make sure you download and extract the file to Windows\System folder and then run the program.

Start Menu Cleaner is freeware and portable, no installation required.

Download Start Menu Cleaner (thanks to TWC)