First thing any one need to do after installing Google Chrome is customizing it specially changing the default downloads folder location.By default Chrome downloads files to Downloads folder in My Documents location may change depending on the operating system you use.

Of Course if you are using external download manager like Internet Download manager you don’t need have this necessity to do so.

But changing default Downloads folder of Google Chrome to other drive is advantage for you because too many downloaded files  residing in Downloads folder in Operating System drive may hamper your system performance.

Normally Google Chrome downloads files to following locations

  • Windows XP :          C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Downloads
  • Windows Vista\7 :  C:\users\<username>\Downloads
  • Mac:  /users/<username>/Downloads
  • Linux : home/<username>\Downloads

change google chrome downloads location

Change downloads folder location of Google Chrome

  • Click wrench menu>Options and click Under the Hood tab
  • Under Downloads , click Browse and specify download location for Google Chrome to save downloaded files.
  • Click Close button to save changes.