If more than one printer connected to your Computer- considering the fact that these days people also using PDF printers like doPdF and image editing programs also installs printer drivers- its’ not easy to change the current default printer and then set another one as default, where WPritner shows list of  available printers on the system tray from its icon and lets you easily change and set default printer with one click.

change default printer from tray with WPrinter

After you run WPritner, its  icon will appear in the system tray, right click on the icon shows available printers list, includes faxes, printer, PDF Printers,  just select a printer to set it as default.

Moreover, this program shows separate icons for  local Printer, network printer and fax machines for you to distinguish the printer visually without checking the printer name. If you switch between printers for your needs, WPritner makes it easy to select default printer.

WPrinter Lite is available as free version.

Download WPrinter Lite