Though we can block unwanted websites by adding them to Hosts file manually located in Windows directory but it prevents from loading websites in all browsers installed in your Computer, but do you specifically want block websites in Google Chrome only you can block them very easily, here is how.

website blocked in Google Chrome from loading

Blocking Websites in Google Chrome

Though there are no options provided in Google Chrome to block websites but with Blockit Google Chrome extension we can able do that successfully without using proxy servers.

Install Blockit Chrome extension, and for first run users blank will be the password.So you just need to hit “Login” button to access  Blockit options.Later you can change blank password and prevent others from accessing Blockit options from extensions and also user need to enter password to access the blocked websites.

block list of sites with a password

Open options of Blockit by wrench menu>extensions and add list of websites you want to block by entering them like ,,  and click “Block all” .Later you can unblock them by entering your password and clicking “unblock all”.

Install Blockit extension for Google Chrome