Every PC user  regularly opens  some common programs like Browser,Word Document ,Media Player so rather than opening them individually go productive create your own executable for list of programs with help of AutoStarter with which you can launch all programs with single click.


The easiest way is to create batch file to run multiple programs with single click .You can automate that with AutoStarter.

Read Open Multiple Programs Simultaneously With a Single Click

AutoStarter is free and portable application that allows to create your own list with websites,games,videos, music files and other stuff and launch all as executable.Rather than opening each file or program individually you can simple create an executable for a list and launch them by running executable.

How to use AutoStarter

Add the files by clicking “ +Add” button, once make your list click “Save”  the list will be saved as myprogram.exe and also data.asx2 file will also be saved. User need to keep myprogram.exe and data.asx2 files together and should not rename data.asx2 file also.

Double clicking myprogram.exe will launch all list of programs .

AutoStarter is freeware and portable , no installation required.

Download AutoStarter

Note:Launching too many programs may crash Explorer , so make sure you added only needed applications to list and then launch executable to run them all.