Good news for Adobe Reader users, Adobe Reader will soon have “protected mode” for readers powered by Sandboxing technology to prevent malicious attacks through PDF files said by Brad Arkin, director of product security and Privacy at Adobe.

According to Cnet-news post 

“Adobe is adding ‘Protected mode “ to the next release of Adobe Reader for Windows due out some time this year, Said Brad Arkin.The feature will be enabled by default and included in Adobe Reader Browser plug-ins for all major browsers”.

Adobe using the sandboxing technology based on Microsoft’s Windows Sandboxing and techniques used in  Microsoft Office 2010 protected view, Microsoft Office 2007  and Google Chrome sandboxing.

Sandboxing in Adobe Reader will restrict JavaScript execution,3D rendering and image parsing to confined area and prevent applications from installing or deleting files,modifying system information or accessing processes.

Free PDF Reader Foxit Reader offers Trust Manager with safety reading mode which doesn’t allow external commands to run inside the PDF file.But Foxit Reader loosing its users due to bundling its PDF Reader with crappy toolbars.Adobe Reader is also getting competition from Nitro PDF Reader.

Adobe Reader became number one in the recent vulnerability list, Adobe Reader always being attacked by malicious PDFs and by running dangerous JavaScript’s and malicious attachments in PDF reader of Adobe.Hope Sandboxing technology will help Adobe Reader to block malicious attacks.