bring app tabs feature in Firefox 4.0 beta  to Firefox 3.6 with App Tabs extension

As we covered Firefox 4.0 Beta 2  added App Tabs feature which turns any tabs to App Tabs .Do you want App Tabs feature in Firefox 3.6 don’t worry App Tabs extension for Firefox brings App Tabs feature to latest Firefox 3.6.8 .

With App Tabs feature you can able to turn your frequently used tabs to ” App Tabs” that saves space on the tab bar and allows easy to find mostly used tab with favicons of pages shown on tab bar.

With App Tab Firefox add-on you can able to make any tab as App Tab by right clicking on the tab and clicking “App Tab” or “Ctrl+Clicking” the tab .You can customize this shortcut from options provided in the App Tab add-on.You bring the App Tab to normal tab by again Ctrl+Clicking.

App Tabs Firefox add-on features

  • App Tabs can be saved across sessions (default)
  • App tabs can be closed when closing window (default)
  • App tabs can be protected from being closed individually.

App Tabs Firefox add-on works with Firefox 3.5-3.7a3 pre.

Note: This add-on does worked fine but not shown the icons for App Tabs on the tab bar .This App Tabs add-on not yet reviewed by Mozilla and might harm your Computer.

Install App Tabs add-on for Firefox 3.6