For Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) installed in your Computer to detect latest emerging threats and to protect your Computer, virus and spyware definitions of MSE must be updated.Let’s take a look at how many ways we can update MSE definitions/signatures.

Updating Microsoft security essentials definitions

1.Update MSE from Program it self :   MSE will installs  updates automatically if available unless you configured MSE options to notify when updates are available.You can always update MSE whenever you want by clicking Update button in MSE program window.MSE will update automatically if it founds any virus and spyware definitions update.

2.Update MSE definitions using MSE Update utility : For some reason if you disabled Windows Update then you no longer receive security updates for MSE , then you can use free MSE Update utility .

Updating MSE defintions through MSE Update utility

You can configure update intervals from available four options shown on MSE Update utility program they are daily,weekly,monthly and  startup.Startup is by far the best option as MSE update utility updates virus definitions automatically and notifies you when they are complete.

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3.Update Microsoft Security Essentials definitions manually :This method much useful for offline users.You can always download latest virus and spyware definitions for Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft Malware protection center.

Here are latest  MSE definitions for 32-bit,   64-bit and instructions to installing them.

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