Microsoft already released Windows 7  SP1 Beta to get feedback about bugs which will be fixed with in the final release of Windows Sp1 Final , If you have installed Windows 7  SP1 Beta you can uninstall it easily if you encounter any problems.

Uninstalling Windows 7 SP1 Beta

1.The easiest method of uninstalling Windows 7 SP1 Beta using Programs and Features

    • Click Start>Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features
    • Click view installed updates
    • Click Service Pack for Microsoft For Windows (KB 976932) and click uninstall.

2.Uninstalling Windows 7 SP1 Beta using Command Prompt

You can only use this method if you don’t have used Disk Cleanup wizard after installing Windows SP1 Beta , if you have used Disk Cleanup then backup files needed to uninstall SP1 Beta might have been removed , you can follow first method or third method then.

  • Click start button and type CMD in the search box
  • Right click on the command prompt and click run as administrator from list of results shown  in search box
  • Type wusa.exe/uninstall/kb:976932 and press Enter.

3.Uninstalling Windows 7 Service Pack 1 beta using system restore

  • Click start button and type System Restore in the search box
  • Click System Restore from list of results and click Next.
  • Select restore point on the date when service pack was installed.
  • The restore point will appear with label either Install:Windows Update or Install: Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • Verify the restore point and click finish.(Source)