XTweaker is a portable free utility allows to apply some tweaks to Windows XP , Vista and Windows 7  which makes  Windows to run faster.

XTweaker 1.0

With XTweaker we can able to apply following tweaks to Windows

  • Add Msconfig to My Computer
  • Add UserPasswords2 to Control Panel
  • Clear Pagefile on Shutdown
  • Add Command Prompt Here
  • Decrease Delay of Start Menu
  • Disable Annoying Message in IE
  • Disable Indexing Service
  • Disable Remote Registry Service
  • Hide the Run as Option from Context Menu
  • Remove Shared Documents
  • No Rebooting after Windows Updates
  • Disable Low disk Space check.

When user hovers mouse over each tweak or entry , description for it is shown, very useful for novice users

Select or choose the tweaks you want to apply and click Apply tweaks button.

XTweaker is freeware and portable, no installation is required, just run the executable.Requires .Net framework 2.0 to be installed in your Computer.

Download XTweaker 1.0