Microsoft today announced Microsoft Live Essentials 2011 which will be coming in few months from now, so what will be new features in upcoming Wave 4 Live Writer and also you can view these features from video link added below.

New Features in Live Writer Wave 4

Video link

Access Anytime If you are away from your home then also you can able to access all your published blogs and drafts by sign in with your Windows  Live ID from any PC.

Integrated with Photo Gallery as all know bloggers can easily embed photos in their posts in live writer, Writer’s integration with photo gallery and new templates allows to create good looking posts in seconds.

Auto-Save By default current Live Writer allows to save draft for every 1 minute automatically but live writer wave 4 saves draft of your blog every 15 seconds automatically which helps in situations where computer  unexpectedly restarts or power failures.

WYSIWYG With live writer what you see is what you get. The posts you created will be published the same on your sites.

Ribbon integration The ribbon much like appears in Office is integrated with live writer with lot more options.

Publish to any blog host User can easily set up live writer for WordPress , Spaces, SharePoint or BlogSpot. User can publish posts with in seconds to his blog host.

Bing Integration  User can able to access Bing Search Engine capabilities from with in writer and can embed search results with in his posts.